1.      What were Calypso and Indiva?
                    Concept vehicles introduced by Tata Motors(then Telco)

2.      This Indian ruler decided to replace silver coins with cheaper, copper ones.  But he overlooked one crucial detail, which ultimately led to the collapse of the Indian economy under his rule.  Name the ruler and his mistake?
                                             Muhammed bin Tughlak (1325-1351) introduced copper coins, but didn’t   order that they be  marked with the royal seal.  The treasury was flooded with forgeries (since copper coins were declared equal in value to gold), and the kingdom went bankrupt.

3.      A Japanese accent decided this brandname for a computer.  What is it?
Fujitsu’s Estriel (from its code S3L)

4.      This product was invented 5,000 years ago and until the 18th century, a critical ingredient was urine (the ammonia content helped in cleaning) Name it?

5.      This modern Indian city is said to be ancient location where Lakshmana cut off Surpanaka’s nose, as mentioned in the Ramayana. Name it?

6.      Which airline was the first to screen movies on flight?
                     TWA, in 1961 (the film was By Love Possessed, starring Lana Turner)

7.      This multinational teamed up with Unicef to launch a campaign against malnutrition in Indian children.  What is the project called and which multinational initiated it?
                  Project Poshan, Procter & Gamble

8.      The decision to set up this institution was made at a breakfast meeting in 1894, attended by George Bernard Shaw, George Wallas and Beatrice and Sidney Webb.  It was funded by an endowment of   20,000 to the Fabian Society and the Londonbased institute began functioning the next year.  Name it?
The London School of Economics and Political Science

9.      Who coined the term “conspicuous consumption”?
American economist Thorstein Veblen first used in his book The Theory of the Leisure Class.

10.  A famous management guru adviced the New York Mets Manager to work around the problem of “groupies” by hiring either a retired army officer or a former nun.  Apparently, the advice worked.  Who was the guru?
Peter Drucker.

11.  There’s one in Buckingham Palace; one at the Grand Canyon; one in the Arctic Circle; and one even at a base station in Antarctica.  That’s apart from more mundane locations such as airports, restaurants and malls.  What are we talking about?
Automated teller machines (ATMs), The first modern-day ATM was installed in 1969 at New York’s Chemical Bank.

12.  This company started life with 22 products, all aimed at the “alternative” culture seekers.  It went on to become so big that it caught the eye of one of the world’s best known luxury goods companies, which took it over.  Name both companies?
Alternative make up company Urban Decay and Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy.

13.  The Central India Spinning, Weaving and Manufacturing Company was the forerunner of which Indian Business Group?
The Tata Group

14.  In the 18th and 19th centuries, what were hulks used for?
In 18th and 19th century England, Hulks were old merchant ships and naval vessels that were used as floating prisons, where convicts were kept until they were transported to Australia.

15.  Name the first tea company in the world and the first to establish tea gardens?
The Assam Company, founded in 1839 by a charter of the British Parliament.

16.  Vin Mariani was the precusor to which popular drink?

17.  What is the term used for people who are completely at ease in the present, high tech world?
GenD (generation D, where D stands for digital).

18.  Until it lost out to China recently, India was the world leader in this industry, which supports over half a million people directly or indirectly.  But the industry is under attack for its disastrous implications on the environment and dangerous work conditions leading to a worker mortality of more than one person a day.  Name this industry?
Ship breaking.  India, Bangladesh and Vietnam, Pakistan and China are the world’s leading ship breakers.

19.  This second-generation Britisher, of Indian origin, set up and sold a chain of over 100 jewellery and accessories stores in the UK before he was 22.  In 1999, was appointed one of the five British ambassadors of entrepreneurship.  Name him?
Reuben Singh.

20.  This well-known Bollywood star launched a health foods brand.  Name both?
Waheeda Rehman and Good Earth Foods.

21.  Who was the first to issue money-back  guarantees for retail products?
John Wanamaker, who created the first department store in 1876.  He also pioneered the use of newspaper ads to advertise his retail goods.

22.  Taken from Internet Jargon, who is a 404?
A clueless person, derived from the error message, “ 404 File not found.”

23.  Which magazine is called the “Women’s bible”?
Cosmopolitan. { The first issue of Cosmopolitan magazine was launched in 1972.  Today, Cosmo is printed in 28 countries.}

24.  What is the nursery rhyme “Baa Baa Black Sheep” supposed to have immortalized?
Europe’s tax structure in medieval times, when one-third of taxes went to the king, one-third to the nobility and one-third to the common man.

25.  Which 1970s’ car was referred to as “the barbecue that seats four”?Why
The Ford Pinto, because of a design flaw that meant the car occasionally burst into flames it was struck from behind.  Still, in the 1970s, the Pinto sold more than a million units.

26.  IBM is also referred to as “Big Blue”. Why?
IBM’s salesman wore blue suits, which gave the company this name.

27.  Apart from discovering gravity, Isaac Newton also made a difference to England’s economy in the 17th century. How?
Isaac Newton, who was the warden of the British Mint in the 17th century, brought about recoinage in the country which put an end of counterfeiting of coins in the country.

28.  What was the first TV ad campaign to have featured on Doordarshan?
Gwalior Suitings.

29.  Which Indian organisation’s logo symbolizes the fusion of Chinese male and female energies—yin and yang?

30.  If Greta Garbo was the first Hollywood actress to have a perfume named after her posthumously, who was the first Indian movie star after whom a perfume was named?
Zeenat, after Zeenat Aman.

31.  One famous car manufacturer from Stuttgart, Germany, is Mercedes.  Name the other?

32.  Which cognac champagne brand was recently launched in India, in its special bottle made of Baccarat crystal, worked on by 24 artisans and craftsmen, for a whopping cost of Rs. 1.5 lakh a bottle?
Louis xiii by Remi Martin.

33.  Who among the top 10 billionaries in the world was the major sponsor of Space Ship One, the first private venture aircraft to be launched in to space?
Paul Allen, Microsoft co-founder and seventh on the Forbes billionaire list

34.  A top-selling Indian motorcycle was recently found to be copied and marketed in Latin American markets by the Chinese motorcycle industry.  Name the original and its copy?
Bajaj Pulsar. The imitation is called Gulsar.{ Bajaj Pulsar was launched in November 2001, the most powerful sub-250 cc bike on Indian roads at the time }

35.  The British comedian was thrown out of school for defacing school grounds.  He wrote and starred in Monty Python films, appeared in two James Bond movies and is now an Andrew D White Professor-at-Large at Cornell University.  He now conducts motivational lectures on humour in business.  Name him?
John Marwood Cleese.

36.  Which Australian brand entered India in 1998 and promoted itself along with Formula 1 racing, to great success?
Fosters Beer.

37.  Who is the world’s largest distributor of sports in the world, with radio, internet, publishing, wireless, gaming, restaurants and television channels all promoted under one brand?

38.  Name the US based company that faced a huge public backlash from its consumers when it relaunched itself in 1985.  The consumers formed a association and took the company to court demanding its formula to be released on public domain.?
The Coca-Cola Company.

39.  Who is the billionaire who dropped out of college and took a course on calligraphy and then put the typography he had learnt to better use?
Steve Jobs, CEO, Apple Computer.  He later used the lessons learnt in his calligraphy classes to bring out the world’s first computer with beautiful typography, multiple typefaces and proportionally spaced fonts.

40.  A Romanian car manufacturer was taken over by Renault and recently launched a car which has become a run away success in Europe.  Name the manufacturer and the car?
Dacia.  The car is called Logan.
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