6 Tools to Compare your Blog’s Performance over Time
Find out how your blog performed over the time with these great tools.You might be knowing a variety of similar tools around for helping you do this ,but these outstands among them.With these tools you can check the traffic sources,feeds stats ,keywords which are bringing the most of visitors and classify visitor’s landing area and the page from where visitor is going out.

1.AideRSS gives you a immediate overview of how your blog posts have performed. How often were they commented, linked, how often dugg, bookmarked on del.icio.us and tweeted? You could have fairly very good idea about the most successful posts in the social media.

2.Google Analytics can list the pages which are maximum exposed and which pages are top going out or exiting and you will be able to concentrate on both layout and content for those pages.You can also bringGoogle Analytics software to your desktop with Adobe Air.

3.Yahoo Mybloglog gets you an idea about the exit url’s,referrals and also the ads clicked from your blog.If your site gets a lot of traffic and you’re interested in seeing stats in real time then the Pro version may be for you.The stats page will show you where readers came from, what they viewed, and what links they clicked.

4.Statcounter ,gives you a real time analysis of traffic.One of my favorite feature in statcounter is the recent keyword activity which helps you find out the latest keywords used by your visitors for coming to your blog from search engines.

5.FeedCompare allows you not only to view your Feedburner stats over time but also to compare it to other bloggers.It’s nice and interesting to see the general, if slow, trend toward an increase. Looks like people are interested enough to subscribe, and then most stay subscribed because they like it, or they just don’t bother unsubscribing.:)

6.Alexa gives you the traffic ranking for your blog.You can check the Alexa ranking for your site at Alexa.com.They also provide widgets which you can keep in your blog.

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