Cant find RUN in Startup Menu?
?Where is the Run command on Windows Start Menu?, I discussed how the properties of the Windows Start menu include a checkbox for displaying the run menu. For example, in classic view:
Classic Start Menu Customize Dialog, Featureing the Display Run setting
However, I started getting reports that what many people were seeing was this:
Classic Start Menu Customize Dialog, Missing the Display Run setting
So, where did it go?
As I've remarked in a previous article about Task Manager being disabled, if you didn't disable it then a virus probably did.
Disabling Run is yet another way some viruses cause trouble and try to make it harder for you to deal with their infections. You should run a complete and up-to-date anti-virus scan of your machine. It's possible, perhaps even likely, that you've been infected.
Once you come back virus-free, we can proceed with the fix.
If you have Windows XP Pro you can use the Group Policy Editor to change the setting you want to repair. Click Start, then click Run, and type in gpedit.msc:
Start, Run, gpedit.msc
And press OK. This runs the Group Policy Editor.
Oh. Wait. You don't have Start, Run do you? That's why you're here. Smile
In that case, using Windows Explorer, navigate to c:\windows\system32 and double-click on gpedit.msc:
Group Policy Editor in Windows Explorer
Once in the Group Policy Editor, expand in turn:
  • User Configuration
  • Administrative Templates
And click on Start Menu and Taskbar. You should see something much like this:
Group Policy Editor, Start Menu and Taskbar Options
Double click on Remove Run menu from Start Menu to change its setting:
Remove Run Menu setting
It should be enough to click on Not Configured and then OK. If you now look at your Start menu properties, you should have the option of displaying the Run menu once again.
If you don't have Windows XP Pro, then you'll need to edit the registry manually.
Click Start, then click Run type in regedit and click on OK.
Or, since you probably don't have Run, using Windows Explorer you can double click on regedt32.exe in c:\windows\system32.
Expand these registry keys in turn:
  • Software
  • Microsoft
  • Windows
  • CurrentVersion
  • Policies
  • Explorer
You should see something similar to this:
Explorer Policies in Registrt Editor
Right Click on the NoRun item and click on Delete. Confirm that you want to delete, and you should have the option of displaying the Run menu once again.
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