Bootable windows Xp Pendrive
Boot from USB is more faster than boot from CD Drive. You can easily install Windows XP from a Pen drive by making your Pen Drive Bootable. Here is the process to make Bootable Pen Drive.
First Download this


You must do

  • Unzip the file after downloading 
  • A folder will be created as "USB-Multiboot_10"
  • Now insert your minimum 1 GB pen drive into USB port
Note : Make sure that you have Backup your data from Pen drive. Because your Pen Drive will be  formatted during making bootable pen drive process.

Now follow this steps :
  • Open USB_Multiboot_10.cmd from USB_multiboot_10 folder
  • Press any key to Continue... A message will be appear. Press ENTER
  • From Enter your choice : type P and press ENTER
  • Now  Pen derive format option will come and format your pen drive. See below pictures... 


  • Now insert your XP CD in your CD Rom
  • Type 1 and press ENTER in Enter your choice
  • Locate the XP CD installation Disk
  • Choose YES when unattended install option appear
Now insert the below information on by one and press OK
  1. Owner Name = emdadblog (Your Name)
  2. Organization Name = Emdadblog(Your Name)
  3. Product Key = XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX(your Xp serial Key)
  4. Computer Name = Emdadblog(your computer name)
  5. Administrator Password = XXXX(Your password)
  6. Time Zone = Your time zone
  7. Workgroup Name = Emdadblog(Your name)
  8. User Name = Emdadblog(Your name)
Now press OK
  • Type 2 and press ENTER in choice 2
  • Now locate your pen drive location
  • Type 3 and press enter
  • Now the process will continue to make bootable XP Pen drive
Note : During the installation process never disconnect the pen drive from USB port until the first time windows desktop appear.
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