insert image behind a drive in XP
Insert image behind a drive hope you are not clear with the title view the image so you can get that...

1. Open notepad and follow the below steps….

2. Copy the below line in your notepad


3. Now come to the next line and copy the location of the image after the code and = where it is present for example…

iconarea_image=C:\Documents and Settings\user\Desktop\001.jpg

4. Now in the ne
xt line specify the color for the icon text so it will be visible after keeping the image and some of the codes are as follows.


some other colors code are:

Black - 0x00000000

White - 0x00FFFFFF

Green - 0x0000FF00

Blue - 0x00FF0000

Purple - 0x00C000C0

Red - 0x000000FF

Yellow - 0x0000FFFF

Indigo - 0x00FFFF00

5. Finally save the notepad file with name desktop.ini in the drive which you want a image as background and close my computer again and open.


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