Hide files behind images
Now here i am going to tell you how to hide files behind an image and send it to friends or anyone its a simple technique and working try it....

Here follow the instructions as i do..

1.Just take the files you want to hide behind the image and compress them using winrar in .rar format.

After compression this kind of file will be created.

2.Take the image that you like to attach the files.

3.Now go to start run and type cmd.

4.Now a separate window will be opened and type the destination of the folder where the both files are present dont forget that the both files should be in a folder.

5.Next click this simple code such as

copy /b file name.jpg + filename1.rar file name.jpg

Now see the size of the file it will be increased then the original one.

6.To open the file just right click on the image and open with rar as shown below image do it.

7.Now extract the files where ever you want to and enjoy.

Its true working and nice try it .....

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