Caputure your screen.
Here i am going to tell you how to capture your screen or desktop by just using a software and a keyboard button.

First download the software picasa which is a photo viewer editor and manager software by using this you can upload pictures into your picasa account by using the gmail id and you can share it with you friends all around the world download it from the below link.


(or) 3.8.rar

1.Now install the picasa software.

2.Then open the software and minimize it.

3.Now on the keyboard screen click on the prntscn at the top beside the numlock light as shown in the picture.

4.Now open the minimized picasa and you can see the screen captured image or search on picasa by typing screen captures then it shows as below.

( or )
see at
C:My Documents\My Pictures\Picasa\Screen Captures.

5.Edit and save it in your required format and enjoy.

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